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Teen Mega World network consists of 34 sites and that is just a lot of porn that you are going to receive when everything is combined and brought to you!


These sites cover every facet of kinky teen porn that you could imagine, and some that you have yet to think of! They are proud of the fact that inside their galleries you are going to find they have more than 6000 GB worth of material, which is an amazing number! They are doing things like bringing HD material and updating religiously so it’s definitely our pleasure to check them out and find out more about what they have!

The action that they have inside is exclusive because they make their own material. You will have front row seats to niches like gagging, blowjobs, anal, gaping, anal, hardcore sex, solo, lesbian, and many more genres. The themes are many and you are going to find something wonderful to watch. The network is really large. They have now over 3547 videos inside and some 509486+ picture galleries also. This will keep all legal-teen-porn fans nicely entertained with lots to watch and lots of variety and an alternative to the new Team Skeet discount offered.

Being big is great but you also have to show that you have the quality goods so that members can keep on coming back for more. This network does have the goods and they show you the teen models in beautiful HD and high res images. You will find videos in sizes like 720p HD while many high res images are shot in a professional manner. That means good lighting, angles, and photography background/composition. The network has used a navigational design that allows browsing and surfing in the most efficient manner possible. There are things like tags, links, categories, and various searching tools/features. Filters are also good for narrowing down the search parameters, using keywords will also help and it’s a feature that these guys offer.

The videos are downloadable in 3 different settings, while file formats offered are mp4, windows media, and flash. The zip file for pics is another nice touch that they have added. The network is massive and only enlarging its collection with more daily updates. They do add movies and pictures. Now there are some sites inside that will seem problematic when it comes to the updates. These sites are more or less very dormant. And even though they have high res and HD material inside, older content does fall a bit when it comes to the quality.

There are very few networks in the market that can give you so much teen-oriented action like these guys can. You have to visit Teen Mega World and see it for yourself! They have the teen niche porn you desire, lots of fantastic carnal hot sex scenes and models. Check them out!

Mr Skin Discount

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Mr Skin and nude celebs are two things that rhyme together like white on rice! The site has had years of practice when it comes to this particular celeb niche kind of material. That is one of the key reasons why they have such massive galleries inside. They are proud of the fact that they have surpassed the 34000 mark when it comes to the number of videos that they offer.


It is clear to everyone that there is no other site out there that can run toe-to-toe with these guys. There are more pros to belonging to this site and we are about to discuss some of them, so let’s go!

The site basically takes all the nude sex scenes and clips that it can find featuring celebs from various movies and TV episodes and offers all this collection to you. If you have a favorite celeb and you want to see her boobs, nude scenes, sex scenes, lingerie, posing shoots, or any other sexual material they have made over the years, this is the site that can provide you everything. There are many celebs out there who have no issues with showing audiences their beautiful bodies, and this site has capitalized on this and created a reputation for itself.

We told you they have thousands of movies/pics right! Well they also have information, news, reviews, bios, and deals that you can take advantage of. The -Skinfo- that you receive about the celebs is so interesting and will keep you on your toes. You will find info on the synopsis of the film or episode, director info, and they even tell you where you have to forward to in order to see the nude scenes. For navigation, there are tags, keywords, links, and the easy-to-master design of the site is great. Creating custom playlist is a simple exercise and so is downloading the playlist. You can include all the celeb scenes you like, find more, some of which you didn’t know existed. You easily view everything you need.

The images you will see inside are mostly screen captures so the quality depends on the quality of the movie they were captured from. Most of them are very clear. You have streaming/downloading formats. The quality of the formats can reach 720p HD, which isn’t bad at all! The additional material and features inside this site make it very engaging indeed. You have blogs, lists, awards, and interlinked social media platforms like Facebook. Either way it’s a certainty that you are going to be fully occupied when you join this site. All the pics, movies, models, and material are neatly arranged making searching for stuff fast and easy. The material inside is not exclusive, and the quality really fluctuates when you go further into the older material.

In conclusion, we have to give Mr Skin lots of praises for collecting such humongous amount of celeb action. This is not one of those fake paparazzi sites, its nude celeb material from movies and TV. If you like this sort of niche this is the best site that we can recommend, check them out!

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Club Seventeen just simply shows us the truth when it comes to amateur gals. This truth is that, one, they are beautiful and wild. Two, they have tight sexy bodies. Three, there is something erotic and fresh about looking at the new gals doing things so nasty and fun!


We knew these truths to be self evident but apparently some people need more convincing. For this reason these guys have come up with this incredible site. The babes you will find inside are 18 year olds or just a bit more older, but thankfully not the milf older variety. The site seems to have come from a Dutch magazine that used to run by the same name.

A steaming pile of hot amateurs is burning a hole in your lap once you become a member to this site. The site updates daily. As for the site design, things look familiar for those who have experience with teen porn sites. The color scheme and layout is just like the rest with one important difference, the kind of action and gals that these guys have. You will be able to locate the movies and pic sections. They have lots of pages that you have to go through and the way forward is not the most user friendly design either. You can only skip a couple of pages at a time. They need to make this more robust to allow members easier movement inside.

You will have features allowing you to add favorites, which may just be every damn video/ model/ pic that these guys have, very good stuff! They boast of having 3940+ videos inside Club Seventeen. Streaming and downloading is doable. The quality of the filming and production inside does fluctuate. You have recent material in picture perfect full HD quality, then you get older submissions in standard or mid resolution. This is not something that will make you not want what they have; after all, they aren’t done with you yet!

They offer members a lot of picture galleries, 7300+ pic galleries! Downloading is done using the zip file given. There can be more than 40 pictures per set. Rating the images is something you can do, and also use the features inside to sort the pics according to criteria like ratings. This is something that the video gallery also has. 3rd party sites contribute some of their material to this site so that you have bonus action included in your membership. You will be linked to the -Seventeen Live- area where you will have cam gals, and cum on your lap! A little more cash will have you inside the private chat sessions where you can have even more adventures.

Club Seventeen fits the bill of a quality amateur teen pornsite that has the goods to make any fan squeeze out a nice massive load! The hardcore fornication the babes engage in is entertaining, and we feel that we must give these guys a high recommendation rating! Check them out!

Met Art Discount

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MET Art is fresh. They are large. They are classy. And they are leaders in the industry that is heavily populated by porn sites with grandiose claims that they are the best of the best! What do they really sink their teeth in and do so well? They have softcore erotica action that ranks high on the raunchy meter scale!


They are masters when it comes to photography work. They have some of the best picture-men in the game, and they definitely use the technical talents of the 80+ creative photographers to their advantage!

You really cannot see anything from the outside that will hint at the quality these guys posses until you enter the members area. The intricate excitement then begins as you move inwards and discover what these guys are really about. The top menu bar makes navigating simple. They have sections that show you each year and the material behind that year making things very easy. The archive has the years from way back (2005 and backwards). Other sections you will find are the model index, artists, movies, the best material, live cams, and so on.

Being a heavily picture oriented site, you can expect to find many galleries inside. They now are over the 13000 Met Art picture galleries mark and they are not stopping. You will find they have mid and super high res images available. The pixel quality you can find can go to 4000 pixel clear images that look remarkable. By using the zip file provided, you can download the pictures. The photographers have a way of making the sexy teens look bewitchingly good! Art and nudity flow like water down the stream with the material always having a natural feel to it. If you need to look for a particular model there is the search feature that you are provided.

Apart from the images, they have a newsletter and some 1020+ movies inside their video gallery. The new scenes come with a litany of streaming and downloading options. The older material, mostly in mid and standard viewing quality, is more restricted when it comes to formats and options. The new material of course is HD quality to match the high res beauty of the images. Videos are 10 minutes long. They don’t have bonus sites included with full membership to their site, but they do have multiple picture updates every day.

MET Art is ballooning in size and depth! Soft core erotica is the niche they handle and it’s what members can always expect from these guys. Artistic HD and high res material that makes you swallow hard is what they are offering. It is something you should check into immediately!

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Young Legal Porn caters for a special breed of porn lovers who feel only turned on when looking at barely legal girls and their sexy young bodies. We are talking about girls in their 18 to early twenties.


First of all, it’s amazing to see the slutty side of these young teens! Second, they are willing to show you every explicit thing you can fathom. Thirdly, it’s all legal, all above board, and you can have it all for yourself by simply joining this amazing site! Sounds simple enough! Let’s have a closer look.

They have 50 niches that they do inside this site, at least that is what they claim! That means more hardcore variety that will please whatever lewd nature you are currently in. They have been doing this brand of porn from 2001; have gathered impressive experience, models, and material. They definitely do hardcore but that doesn’t mean that they will not touch on some glamour action! The gals they like showing, sexing, fisting, inside this site are beautiful, like naturally gorgeous! They may show you some famous names here and there, but majority of the models are European and amateurs. They also come in various shapes, boob sizes, and asses!

Can their material excite you and what is going inside this site? The webmasters had plans for members, and how they could use this site. They wanted members to feel comfortable, attracted to the site. That is why they have created a design that is easy to navigate. Material is divided into sections. You will see a lot of comments as well as topics that users are talking about inside the forum. You will find 1167+ videos inside and 1357+ picture sets as well. Previews and tags are available for members so that they can search for the material they want to start off with. The quality of the videos has improved with 1080p HD now available. No downloading limits and mp4, wmv, flv video files are available.

The teen hardcore action they produce belongs to them 100%. The picture gallery blew us away when we saw that they have 4000p high res images on offer. You will find 75 (or more) pictures inside a set, two options when it comes to the size of pics you want, and all other options for watching the amazing young models make grown men cum! You get chat cams, shows, bonus site, and more bonus sites if you extend your membership for more than 2 months!

If you have high expectation of watching good production quality, young teen hardcore, and enjoy professional services from Young Legal Porn, you are going to leave a very happy new member. The range of young models they offer, the range of sexual depravity that the gals do, all make this site very entertaining. Membership here is worth it! Check them out!

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ManoJob tour page is littered with various images of various gals doing various thing to various dicks! You will see dicks being played with by hands, boobs, faces, and why is this so? This is because this site is dedicated to hot gals jerking off long pricks on camera. It’s the fetish handjob realm of porn that we are talking about today and we are very excited!


There is no doubt that jerking off is one of the biggest pastimes for many porn lovers. It’s fun to do it on your own and even more fun to watch dirty sexy gals doing it inside this site. The action inside this handjob niche site is exclusive and the money shots are simply very enthralling to watch! The gals inside truly show some wild techniques when they are dishing out those slippery handjobs. The tour page looks vivacious and that is partially because of the gorgeous gals displayed there. The way that they just love playing with the pricks is amazingly hot, and it’s clear that they also do get off from playing with these meaty pythons!

The site maintains a simple look, simple navigational layout. You are taken to the homepage where you can sift the pages of updates that they have made. You can search for a specific gal you desire by using the menu, check out bonus action from the other sites, or dive right into the 784+ video and 784+ image galleries inside from the 100 models that they have. You will be able to download the episodes. The nature of the material doesn’t deviate too far from the handjob genre, but the gals do try to be creative when pulling, sliding, tugging at the large male anatomy in front of their faces! Oh yeah, they also do play with the balls just in case you were wondering!

The pictures are great and have been produced nicely. You will see high res images that are digitally superior. You will see small descriptions inside when you download the videos. You also get to read interviews, interact on the message board, and you have wmv, mp4, flv, video files including a mobile format. The bonus sites you get with your membership offer you amateurs, blowjobs, hardcore smuts doing hardcore things, and bulks up the amount of porn you will be able to access.

All in all, ManoJob isn’t bad at all! The gals display skill in the handjob business and you get nice productions and simple to use site. The perverted pleasure of this site is something we recommend you check out for those searching for a good handjob niche site to join.

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PlayBoy Plus is bigger than the magazine by leaps and bounds! They have more babes, more action, more variety, more of everything really! The site is still part of the powerful PlayBoy porn production company. But, it has more tweaks than what you normally expect from the TV channels and magazine that these guys produce.


 This massive site has celebs, playmates, coeds, models, amateurs, cover gals, and seductive material that PlayBoy is known to make. All this at a very low membership fee. Do they still have it? Let us see!

PlayBoy makes its own material so you can expect nothing but exclusive action inside this site. We were always amazed at how PlayBoy was so good at finding just the right gorgeous gals for just the right action. It’s a talent that they have and it’s something you will see a lot inside this site. The style of production is softcore. The gals will strip, pose, maybe touch and play a little just enough to get the blood pumping. The site offers you sub sections and lots of different gals inside. The collection that they have gathered spans more than a decade, that’s why you have access to over 8420 picture galleries, over 7130 scenes, and over 4000 models and stars inside.

No one in their right mind can ever question the production quality that PlayBoy uses when making their material. They work with the best professionals to ensure 1080p HD material, exceptional high res images, and smooth scenes that are about as flawless as they can get! They like taking the gals and placing them in beautiful locations that act as the backdrop to their material. Diversity is also very much present inside this site. For the pictures, use the zip file and save the pics. They have both downloading options and streaming flash player inside. The scenes can be rather short (6 minutes of play) but you have so many of them that you soon forget this point.

7 for 7 is what they offer you when it comes to the updating schedule. That means, 7 scenes, 7 picture galleries in 7 days! It’s rare to find that something is seriously wrong with PlayBoy because they always do their best so that they can offer the best. You will find the navigation, categories, links, model index, sorting features, and other tools inside very helpful and user friendly. The glamour color and theme that is in the magazine can also be seen inside this site. There are many advertisements inside the member’s area and that is something that may piss off some people. Upgrading your membership will allow you more access to more PlayBoy material.

We get goose bumps ever time we come back into this site. Its PlayBoy after all, and their reputation is solid as gold when it comes to high quality productions, the most amazing gals, and the most fun erotica. PlayBoy Plus is an elite sort of site that only increases the fame of the company, and you can join it today and have the best PlayBoy material at a very friendly price! Sounds like a good deal to us!

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Babes.com Network bevy of gals is positively the most exciting thing you are going to be seeing inside this site. They are good at both hardcore and softcore porn productions.


The entertainment you get can be called “perfect gals in sensual HD quality”, because it is exactly that! There are some previews on the tour page where you can see exactly what the gals look like. They look stunningly erotic and ready to make you a very happy member.

This site has various advantages attached to the membership pass you get. First, you will see that the gals are more “modelish” in appearance rather than pornstar. That is why this site has lots of glamour-like material. The studio makes serious efforts to ensure that their productions are done gracefully and at the same time hardcore. The sex that takes place inside comes to you in slow seductive formats that allow you to soak in the sexy great detail. Those of you who appreciate a more refined polished approach towards hardcore productions will be happy with this site. Those who prefer just the brash hardcore that has no deeper substance and quality are better off joining other sites because this one definitely is classy from top to bottom.

You will see that this site is all about that HD and high res quality that is circulating in the market nowadays. That means 1080p videos and clarity that will fill your screen. That means the gals look even more fantastic and even more beautiful in the high res images and HD movies. You will have no issues with production quality of the porn that these guys make. How many scenes are there? 460+ scenes. How long are they? 30 minutes long. Do you get pictures? Yes, 200 pictures in a set and some 460+ galleries. That is enough action to keep you adequately plied with super good-looking babes. They have 255+ models inside. They have other goodies waiting for you on your arrival.

You get information about the scenes, including file size, and model bios. They update every day so there is a new video or pic featuring a new babe or one already featured inside. Downloads and streams are available for the videos. You get various settings, and the design layout is both professional and attractive. There are very minor negatives associated with membership to this site. Maybe they could offer more download options for the videos and file formats, but that is a very insignificant con associated with this site.

The user friendly, affordable, gorgeous, babes filled, hardcore, and high quality material inside Babes.com Network just keeps calling us back all the time! They do what they do splendidly and you will have lots of hardcore glamour passion coming your way all the time. You should check them out!

Amateur Allure Discount

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Some people are usually not in admittance on their belief to the existence of ghosts. But, if there was ever a time you felt a chilling bump in the dark of the night and that you’re home alone, it may not even be such a leap of faith to turn to ghosts as the possible cause. A bit more than a third of adults in America believe that ghosts exist and it is even more surprising to know that 22 percent of adults have polled to say that they have had real life ghost encounters.


In great curiosity to all these outlandish apparition chatters, thousands of people pay visits to commercial haunted houses, where there are costumed actors who are in for the whole nether realm-ish exhibition. What people would get in return would be the spooky adrenaline rush of an actual ghost experience. And because it’s Halloween, Amateur Allure has a great treat for all of you guys.

The great wars have ended and structures end up dilapidated. Bodies are not only scattered, but skinned and splattered with blood streaming from a separated limb. What once served as resting places for travelers have ceased to be and in the current play as historical figures of grotesque imagery. AmateurAllure.com have recently released horror genre sexual videos that portray couples having sex in the creepiest and darkest spots of abandoned building structures, especially motels. Lisa Brandon and Brandy Love are among those who had partaken this project with the site and for sure it’s a fun treat for everyone this Halloween Season.

While the Halloween promo is ongoing, the real deal about Amateur Allure is that exhibits the horniest sides of women, that all women are actually sexually driven as much as they want to deny it. That they can’t be more masochistic for the name of sex than men. On that note, you get to enjoy over 3000 of the finest sex videos related to serious and jam packed porn. All are in HD mode and you can download as much as you want. For that, you will only have to spend 22 bucks a month. With that, you enjoy a porn site with a 9.4 out of 10 rating.

DogFart Discount

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Welcome aboard to the Dogfart Network. This is perhaps the best online hub for you to grasp for the most invaluable tips on how you can have a successful endeavor at getting laid all the time and making all the time an all time high.


There are so many fishes in the sea, and by many, we mean to say millions! Dogfart Network proves that to be true and as of now, there are over 2 million singles looking for partners, and counting. As a profoundly useful dating site, it has been bringing together pairs of hearts for 12 years to date. AT DFN, you are to expect useful content on how you can make your experience better and thus, increase your odds on being able to find the perfect partner. Perhaps your ultimate soulmate. All these are done through the most explicit ways of sexual portrayals by lovely ladies and hot guys.

Unique Features to Dig

The Dog fart Network has been featured on several notable XTV channels such as well as online scoop sites. Now, the experience can get more exciting with one of its newly released feature called the Celebrity and VIP Section. So, what’s the scoop with this feature? If you want to be right on with the kind of partner you seek to meet up with, then this is definitely the kind of option you’d want to take advantage of. How does it work? For one thing, you’ll get to enjoy over 2,000 plus videos that will show you the right ways to dating a girl in a way that will help you get laid with her. That way would mean to say making the girl fall in love with you. Then again, that would only be a pretense and you can then make the girls you want items of your training salvo. Dog fart is not just your porn site, but your master in teaching the best and real techniques to a girl’s heart.

The Verdict

There’s always a place in the heart that remains empty and only the right person can fill that emptiness. Sometimes, fate does not work on your favor if you don’t make an effort, too. Join the Dogfart Network and get to realize how easy it is to really get laid with the most gorgeous girls in town. And it all starts by watching the best porn videos and to learn from the player’s experience. For a 19.99-dollar a month charge, you get more than what you pay for.

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Almost all the porn lovers are familiar with Dogfart Network and Blacks on Blondes is one of it. As the name states it is an interracial porn site with a lot of professional and amateur black gentlemen to do the banging and white blonde ladies to get banged.


Well, not all the girls are blonde as there are some brunettes too but all of them are white and they love black chocolate. Production team did their best to make it natural and as a result the expression of both performers seems so real.

If you get excited while you see a black dude banging a white chick then you should know that this particular porn site contains 599 videos and 599 photo galleries which is way too rich than others. When you enter the site you will get common categories like gay/lesbian, straight, dominant/submissive, mature/amateur, cuckoldry etc. Just imagine what’s going to happen when you get the pass to access all these videos. The videos come in short clip, WMV and HD. Almost half of the videos are available in HD which ensures crystal clear view of those special areas. For mobile users there are videos which supports mobile format so you can now enjoy your interracial journey anywhere on your mobile phone.

Getting a white girl and a big black dude in a room and record their love making scene is an age old style of making porn which is not encouraged by porn lovers nowadays. A very exciting fact about the site is that all the videos have its own storyline which I like most. It gets more appetite and makes the video more reasonable and enjoyable. There are skinny teens to busty woman so the members will definitely get the porn which suits their taste. Well, some people may not like the size of the black tools as all of them are huge but I love black dudes with their killer expression while they bang their partners.

You can download videos and pictures (zipped fie) as much you want and the site is promised to get its members new video in every four or five days. To know more you should visit the site yourself and get ideas from user reviews. Well, everyone agreed to the immense number of contents and presence of sexy women. So, if you are an interracial porn lover then Blacks on Blondes deserves to be at the top of your porn site list.

Wow Girls Discount

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When you think of porn sites, the first thing comes in mind is a fluffy website with lots of contents. You’ll see the high resolution pictures and trailers but finally what you get is that same old busty 25 or 30 plus aged porn star with jumping on a huge flesh and regular aah or uuh moaning which is not that hardening for most of the porn loving people nowadays.


To meet the porn need of the next generation Wow Girls has all natural girls performing for your satisfaction. Well, you are paying for the contents you see so the site’s responsibility is to get your desired porn material and ensure complete satisfaction. In this case like those top rated porn sites you can mark your favorites, make and read comments of other members and rate girls or videos. Two of its funny rating options are “beautiful” for the chick and “made me cum” for the film.

This porn site features mostly 18+ gorgeous chicks just like those regular ones whom you see around and make nasty thoughts. The Wow Girls deal site tends to be the “Future of porn” because they don’t feature those regular porn stars with huge fleshy body and surgical scars on it. Mostly teens perform here and they provide that real passion and expression as well. It’s like you are sitting there and having the fun yourself. The camera guy did his job perfectly because in extreme moments the camera not just shows those lovely parts but also zooms in to get you that mouth watering view like he knows what you are thinking. Don’t know how production team manages all those exotic artists and locations but they are both great.

All new cute faces with natural body are available in high resolution clips, full length flicks and pictures as well. All these can be found in straight, lesbian or solo flavor for the members only. You can search through the sections and try the trailers. If the curves of those fresh young babes make you wild then just sign up as there’s a lot to come.

No download limits and regular updates, smells like unlimited fun right? This is not it as every new sign up results a gold membership which gets access to a bonus site and after 90 days you can access 7 others. Think twice before signing up, because Wow Girls will bring you in front of your computer screen and make you wow repeatedly.

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Do we really need to take a minute to explain what this website is all about? Nope, I didn’t think so because instead it really is all about chicks that love to be fucked by groups of guys, so in this respect Hardcore Gangbang is very well named indeed.


The site has actually been created by kink.com, so you know that it is going to be full on hardcore with no punches being pulled as that is the way that they roll. They get straight into the action and these chicks are just banged by a number of guys, as the number does vary, until they are completely spent. By the end of it you can almost feel the pain that they must have in their pussy, but boy do they look satisfied by it all.

The site has not been around too long, so that explains why there are just under 100 scenes to choose from, but then each video does last for 65 minutes, so you are not exactly being short changed in that respect. You are also free to download or stream as much as you want as there are no limitations being placed upon you and to be honest after you have watched the first one you are going to want to watch them time and time again anyway.

You may very well recognize some of the stars that appear in their scenes, but even if you do not you are still going to really appreciate the way in which they really do put so much energy into the fucking and always seem capable of handing all of the guys that are there. The angles you get to see really do help things along and there is no doubt that you will be jealous of the guys there, but hey that is only natural.

Hardcore Gangbang is a cool site that does nothing else other than provide you with hardcore sex that is explicit, hot, and really highlights just how amazing gangbangs can be. If this is the kind of thing that you love doing, why would you even think about going to any other website?

Wicked Pictures Discount

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Wicked Pictures seem to have been around since the beginning of time and that is at least kind of true if we are talking about the time when porn first landed on the Internet. They were of course also huge when video ruled the day, but even though the format may have changed from a technical point of view, the quality of what they produce has never diminished at any point.


These guys are so well known for producing high quality porn that is erotic, sensual, and does tend to have a story attached to it. They are not about throwing sex in front of you just for the sake of it, but instead take a slightly different approach and it is one that does work considering how many awards they have won over the years.

They also have a number of top girls on contract to them, but generally speaking their scenes can be like a red carpet of porn stars and you do of course get to see them naked and fucking and that is well worth joining for all on its own. You also have close to 4000 scenes to choose from, as well as more than 3000 picture sets, so the hardest part for you is trying to work out where to even begin with all of the content that is on show to you.

It does feel as if Wicked Pictures has really spent some time thinking about what its members want, so it is no surprise that everything is so well put together even from the moment that you land on their home page. The layout is nice, the updates are easy to find, and navigating around their website will never pose a problem for you. Put it this way, from a technical point of view it is impossible to find anything wrong with it unless you are being very, very critical.

However, the main thing is that the porn itself is absolutely first class and every scene is a pleasure to watch. Their production values are sky high, they update on a regular basis, they have some of the best stars in the industry on there, and overall you are going to have one fantastic experience by being a member on their site.

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Looking at the name of the site, you would think that it was put up a few days ago to allow amateurs test the waters. If that was your initial perception, then you are not alone. Anyway, New Sensations has been there for quite sometime, only that it brings in the newest and freshest porn scenes form a collection of its network sites. This is where you are likely to meet your favorite pornstars sucking and fucking as they employ their most recent tactics.


The network used to be a single site before. They have now brought in a variety of other quality sites under their umbrella. Getting their pass will allow you to access many other sites such as Ashlynn Brooke, Jizz Bomb, Heavy handfuls, Four Finger Club and a variety of other sites.

Looking at their membership area, I guess you will not find the design the best there is in the industry. However, never judge a book by its cover. What they have below the surface is quite impressive.

They have advanced search tools which enable you to draw everything you want from the site using keywords. You may also navigate across the whole network or get to the specific sites easily. You will also notice that the site has stepped up the game a little higher probably due to the stiff competition from many other hardcore porn sites. The amount of content and the variety is commendable.

Updates are made more than often though you may get a few of their sites sleeping on the job. You could get a few inconsistencies when you compare the older and the more recent content. However, that normally arises in the process of trying to spice things up. The videos are being updated in HD quality and their photos come in large sizes with very good quality.

Based on quality, amount of content and the update schedule, I would have no problem recommending this network even to my closest friend. Visit New Sensations and enjoy great deals.

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BangBros is one of the biggest porn networks that bring together a variety of sites to enable members get a one-stop-shop for all their porn requirements. The network is more or less a supermarket of porn. The only difference is that you only pay once per month and get the opportunity to walk out with everything you can carry every time you enter the supermarket.


If you can just check out their homepage even before you make any decision, you will notice a few things. Firstly, they have streamlined their content in a nice layout which allows you to spot and access exactly what you want without any hassles. Secondly, the movies have been compiled together according to specific categories with a numbers of search tools including a model index. These tools come in handy especially due to the huge amount of content packed in the site.

Getting down to the specific sites, you get a wide variety of sites to choose from. Among the sites with the highest influx of viewers include the Bang Bus, Ass Parade, Milfs Lesson, Big Tits, Porn Star Spa, Monsters of Cock and many more. All the movies are hardcore and crystal clear.

At the same time, you can be sure to get solo girls, dirty milfs, blowjobs, facial cumshots and many more. The amount of downloadable content will simply make your computer run out of space.

Concerning the BangBros updates, you can rest assured that most of the sites will come up with something fresh more than often. They are also re-mastering their old videos to make everything up to speed. The updates spanning the last few years are in HD quality and this is a good sign that these guys have continued to upgrade as the world changes with the advancement in technology.

Pictures are also high quality and nice looking especially those updated in the last few years. You can browse them or download them in zip pack. They are also becoming more creative every day. I saw a video on their home page entitled “Fat Ass Swinging on Dick” and found it very crazy.

If you believe by seeing, you can get a trial BangBros membership though they may not grant you full access to all their sites. It may also end up costing you more than getting full membership straight away. Visit the site and decide.